Master Planning, Architecture, interior design firm, based in Mumbai under principal architect Padmini Pandey. It was born in February 2011, after her return to India with 5 years of Italian Design experience. Being in its nascent stage, it’s already proud of the trust shown in them by their clients & numerous projects across India – comprising of Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Spa & Luxury homes. The atelier is made up of a young, dedicated unit of experts in their own fields, each bringing a fresh outlook and skill – set to the table.
SPP has a joint venture with “Studio Marco Piva” and is affiliated with the studio since Ar. Padmini’s education and work in Milan, Italy.

SPP Design Philosophy . . ..
Philosophy: System of belief.

‘Life’ the keystone of my design.
For me architecture is not about Spaces, volume or Materials. It’s about ‘Life within those spaces’, ‘volume of emotions’ & ‘culture of materials’; which, connects to the soul through our senses.

My vision is to create a world, with a collaboration of the people and their ‘beliefs’ & my ‘system’ or ‘expertise’.

“Milan is the city where I belong, where I was born, I’d studies, started to work and where I always want to be back after my business or leisure trips. The city is considered the world capital of industrial and fashion design, not only by the Italians, and I’m proud of it. It’s a very stimulating city, the perfect one to live and work. The millennia history linked to the themes of preservation and development: where the past survive with modernity, and support modernity with strong "cultural" and "social identity" foundations.

In Milan, the link between the different artistic disciplines is growing closer, because here the lifestyle is absolutely unique, with emphasis on newness, beauty, fashion, Art and industrial design, in a multicultural, creative and innovative context.

It’s hard to tell where Fashion or Arts stops and the Interior or Architecture begins”

Marco Piva –– our Italian design partner